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Pre-School and Long Day Care

Enrol up to 6 years old 

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We had Farmer Joe and her friend Maggie Moo join us at Pelican for a musical learning experience about farm animals. The children were respectful active listeners for our guest and showed enthusiasm when given the opportunity to play with a variety of instruments. The children were able to express their prior understanding of the animals through correctly naming the puppet friends and making their noises with Farmer Joe. They especially loved when the bubble machine was brought out, as they tried to 'clap', 'pop' and 'catch' the bubbles, which furthered their motor development through hand-eye coordination.

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Pelican Pre-School & Long Day Care @ Shellharbour
Managed and operated by Raffles Campus (Australia) Pty Ltd
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30-32 Chillawong Circuit, Blackbutt, NSW 2529, Australia

Tel: (02) 4297 2099

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